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Greed: Part 2

I had quite a few reactions (mostly via email) to my last post “Greed“. It seems it really struck a cord with both my fellow Realtors and consumers alike. As a follow up to that post, I wanted to talk about another segment of the market that in my opinion has gone off the deep […]

Buyers: Avoid Bidding Wars in the Assignment Market

Buyers looking to avoid multiple offer situations should consider the assignment market. With several condo buildings coming on-line in the downtown core this winter and spring, many sellers will be looking to sell before registration. Buying by assignment gives you the opportunity to avoid the bidding wars that are rampant in the resale market. Nearly […]

Assignment Advantages For Sellers

In this installment of the Toronto Condo Assignment series, I want to talk about some assignment advantages from the seller’s perspective. It may seem that all the advantages in assignments are owned by the buyer, but this is not true. Some things to consider: Get your money back! Let’s face it, 20-25% of the average […]

Assignment Advantages For Buyers

Continuing the Toronto Condo Assignment series, let’s take a look at the key advantages for buyers of assignment listings. Lower purchase price. Buying an assignment is sort of like having a time machine and being able to go back in time to purchase a condo today, at yesterday’s prices. Sellers know they have to price […]

Pre-Sale vs. Assignments

Buying an assignment may seem at first like something very similar to buying pre-sale (or buying new directly from the developer), but there are many key differences to consider. Buying an assignment usually means you are getting a better price than if you just bought directly from the developer. However, instead of dealing directly with […]

Resale vs. Assignment

In this installment of the Toronto Condo Assignment series, we will be looking at some of the key differences between buying or selling resale compared to buying or selling an assignment. The biggest difference is that when you are buying resale you are buying real real estate. The property exists and it is registered in […]

Can I Assign My Condo?

Continuing my series on Toronto Condo Assignments, I want to address a common question that many people who have bought pre-construction condos in Toronto have, “Can I assign my Condo?”. The answer is it depends. It depends what is in your contract, or your Agreement of Purchase and Sale that you have with the developer. […]

What is An Assignment?

Some of my readers have picked up on the fact that I am calling 2009 “The Year of the Assignment“.  Last year it was all about getting into the VIP sales events. This year, savvy investors and first time buyers alike are taking a serious look at assignment sales as possibly the best way to […]

New Assignment at Murano North Tower

I haven’t written too much about assignment sales, but my clients know that I am expecting/predicting 2009 to be “the year of the assignment”.  Many people who bought condos in the past two years will be looking to sell this year and get their deposit monies back.  Assignments can offer the savvy buyer with significant […]