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The One Thing That All The Top Selling Toronto Condo Projects Have in Common

There has been a lot of talk in the mainstream media about the fact that new condo sales are down significantly in the past year. This is a fact that I don’t dispute. In 2013, sales of new condos were around 14,000 (official numbers not out yet). One of the lowest numbers on record from […]

2 Reasons Why The Condo Market Is About To Heat Up

It’s no secret that the condo market is relatively slow right now. Sales are down, prices are more or less flat from a year ago, and inventory is at or near all time highs. Many people have been saying for quite some time that a crash in the condo market is imminent. The housing market […]

Myth Busters: Renter’s Market Edition

Last week I came across this article in the Toronto Star written by Mark Weisleder whose headline claims that we are in a “Renter’s Market for Condos”. I had to scratch my head when I read that headline and I thought it was a typo. Reading through the article and the comments section was even […]

Why New Condo Prices Will Not Fall

I came across this phenomenal chart from the fine folks at Realnet showing the inventory levels of new housing/condo launches in the GTA. Newly released product so far in 2012 is down 31% in Toronto (416) compared to what was released by developers at this point last year. This chart reminds me why those who […]

Rental Market Continues to Soar

I wrote a few months ago that it was a good time to be a landlord, particularly if you are in the condo rental game. Supply seems to be at an all time low, vacancy rate is zero or close to it, and bidding wars from renters are driving rental rates up far faster than […]

Time for Developers to do the Unthinkable?

There is growing evidence suggesting that the pre-construction market is cooling. Where projects were selling units at a record-breaking pace back in February/March, now the market has lost a lot of steam and sales at some high profile projects have all but dried up. Buyers have more choices than ever before as the amount unsold […]

Two Trends to Watch in the Toronto Condo Market

There are two trends that condo buyers will want to keep an eye on in the next several years. 1. Disappearing Parking Spots. There are now countless buildings downtown that are under construction that will have multiple-times more units than parking spots available. RCMI Condos by Tribute is actually being built with no parking spots at […]

Toronto: Ghost City

If you are a condo news junkie like me, you probably have been enjoying the past few months because the level of interest in the Toronto condo market appears to be at an all time high. The big boys of Canadian media: The Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and National Post all run stories about […]

Condo Market Showing Signs of Slowing?

There are starting to be signs that the condo market might be slowing down. I am seeing and hearing accounts of several newly released condo projects not getting near the sales numbers they were anticipating. But how can this be the case when just last month we saw near-record breaking sales happening at MEGA projects […]

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