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Toronto Real Estate: Housing Crisis or Investment Opportunity?

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT Andrew La Fleur: Now here's an interesting article from written ... looks like it's written by an academic from University of British Columbia, so it's a bit of a different perspective. It's a longer article, but if you're interested in these things, I do recommend [...]

The surprise reason why Toronto is already the big winner of the Amazon HQ2 Sweepstakes

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT SO you gotta check out this article here from Toronto Storeys, about Amazon HQ2. Of course Amazon is looking for a second headquarters in North America, and they just released a short list. They've whittled it down from 238 potential cities, down to just 20, and [...]

The 1 big difference between the Toronto and Vancouver condo markets for Investors

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT Speaker 1: Now, I do want you to look at this article here from the CBC. The headline is, "New year, same old expensive rent in Toronto. Why aren't we fixing this?" "New report says average rent for one bedroom in Toronto is now over $2,000 [...]

Here’s yet another reason why Toronto real estate prices are going to keep going up

Read the original article here: TRANSCRIPT  Speaker 1: Here's an interesting article in Urban Toronto. It's going over a recent proposal from Allied. Allied submits plan to float office space over Heritage Buildings. In the ... around the King and Spadina area, Allied is proposing to build this commercial office building essentially on top [...]

Is everyone moving to the 905?

Read the original article here:   TRANSCRIPT: Speaker 1: This next article's from the Toronto Star. It is headlined, "Renters pushed to the 905 as vacancies hit 16-year low." This is talking about the latest stats from Urbanation tracking the rental market. Always interesting to see what Urbanation has to say on the market, [...]

Why you can’t afford a house in New York, Hong Kong…and Toronto?

Read the original article here: TRANSCRIPT:  Speaker 1: This article is from BuzzBuzzHome and the headline is The Dream of Canadian Homeownership is in Danger according to CMHC. The homeownership rate is starting to come down across the country. From 2011 to 2016, the rate came down slightly. What's interesting is that most of [...]

Prices down 2% in Toronto. Time to panic?

Read the original article here: TRANSCRIPT: Hey there, condo investors. This article is from BuzzBuzzHome, and the headline is, 7 stats that show Toronto's November surge in home sales. So, breaking down some of the numbers from the month of November, we have the stats for the month of November. The big headline that [...]

Can Justin Trudeau stop you from buying real estate?

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT: Greetings, Condo Investors. Thanks for checking out this video. This article is from BuzzBuzzHome and the headline is, "Is the Bank of Mom and Dad Driving up Demand and Prices in Canada's Housing Market?" So, it's talking about the fact that they did a survey and [...]

Toronto rental prices are soaring, but they are still cheap?

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT: Here's an article from Yahoo Finance, and the headline is Sorry Canada, Your Home Rental Prices Aren't That Bad. So kind of a contrary headline there, we've been hearing a lot about how rental prices are so expensive in Toronto in particular, and certainly they've risen [...]

The Middle Class Dream is fading away but that’s OK

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT: This article is from the Globe and Mail and the headline is, Can the Government Save the Middle-Class Wannabe Homeowner in Toronto and Vancouver? This is a recurring theme that we're seeing again and again, where the middle-class homeowner, as it's called here, is being shut [...]

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