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Reactioncast: 3 Questions with Brad Lamb

On this first ever “Reactioncast” Andrew la Fleur reacts to Brad Lamb’s answers to 3 questions from a recent True Condos Free Live Event. What does Brad think about “the condo bubble”? Why should investors be buying in Hamilton today? What is Brad’s #1 piece of advice about condo investing? Related Links Watch the full [...]

Variable vs. Fixed Rate Debate Solved Once and For All – with Dustan Woodhouse

In Canada approximately 18% of all mortgages are variable rate mortgages. Dustan Woodhouse is one of Canada’s top mortgage brokers and 93% of his clients get variable rate mortgages - find out why on today’s episode. Related Links Dustan Woodhouse website Dustan’s video blog on Variable vs. Fixed Click Here for Episode Transcript Andrew la [...]

The 3 surprising reasons why more people don’t get rich investing in real estate

Statistically speaking, only about 5% of the population will ever own an investment property, yet it is the world’s most historically proven path to generating wealth. Andrew la Fleur gives his thoughts on why more people are not getting rich investing in real estate including 3 reasons that might surprise you. Related Links Interview Brad [...]

Exploring the Hamilton Real Estate Market with Brandon Donnelly

Brandon is with Slate Asset Management and they have a proposal for a massive 2-tower development in downtown Hamilton. In this episode Andrew la Fleur and Brandon talk about why Hamilton is such an attractive market right now for developers and what the future could bring for Steeltown. Brandon is a great guy to talk [...]

Is the Toronto Real Estate Market Slowing Down? With Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson is one of the top resale agents in Toronto, specializing in the downtown core. On this episode he shares his tales from the streets of what’s really going on in Toronto. Is the market slowing down? Are buyers still buying condos? What is happening with house prices in the city? Good debt vs. [...]

There’s only one thing wrong with the Toronto real estate market

The stats for May 2018 are in. In this episode Andrew la Fleur breaks down the numbers and gives his insights on what is happening in the market and why and where things are likely to head from here. Find out what is the one thing that is wrong with the market and one big [...]

One More Reason to NOT Invest in RRSPs

The provincial election is in full swing in Ontario. Soon we will have a new government - either PC or NDP. The NDP are promising to raise taxes on the highest income earners in Ontario. This is yet another reason to not invest in RRSPs. Find out more on this episode. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS 1:10 Big [...]

Will Doug Ford Save Us from Rent Control?

Will Doug Ford and the Ontario PC party save condo investors from rent control? Find out what Doug Ford recently said about rent control and what 4 things condo investors can and should do in response. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS 2:40 When it comes to rent control,” Ford says, “we’re going to maintain the status quo.” 3:14 Removing [...]

Why Cash Flow is Overrated

A recent report says that nearly half of all condos in Toronto are cash flow negative. Is this cause for concern? Should investors be worried? How important is cash flow when investing and how should investors interpret this data? EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS 1:00 44% of investors with a mortgage possession in 2017 are in a negative [...]

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