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6 keys to real estate investing success in 2018

In this episode Andrew la Fleur shares his 6 keys for real estate investing success in 2018. How can you maximize your chances of success and profits in 2018? What should you focus on, and what should you ignore? Whether you are a brand new investor or a seasoned investor with dozens of units, you [...]

Should you buy your investment properties in your personal name or in a company name – with Cherry Chan

Cherry Chan is a CPA who specializes in working specifically with real estate investors. In this episode Cherry gives her opinion on whether it’s better to buy in your personal name or company name. Related Links Download the free PDF “7 questions to ask before incorporating” from Cherry Chan here Cherry Chan’s facebook page Click [...]

200 years of stability in the Toronto real estate market – with Igor Dragovic

On this episode, Andrew la Fleur talks to returning guest Igor Dragovic (Senior Planner with the City of Toronto). Igor has looked at the last 200 years of Toronto real estate and has discovered some amazing patterns. 2017 was a year of unbelievable highs in the Toronto real estate market but how does it stack [...]

Why today’s condo investors should be excited about the future with Ben Myers

Ben Myers is a long time industry veteran having worked as an analyst and developer for more than a decade. In this episode Ben and Andrew look ahead to the market in 2018 and discuss the incredible growth in the rental market, what upward and downward market pressures Ben is tracking for 2018, and some [...]

Introducing the Ask Andrew Podcast

In this special episode of the True Condos Podcast, Andrew la Fleur is the one being interviewed for a change to announce the launch of a brand new podcast called the Ask Andrew Podcast. Find out what it is and why he started it on this episode. Related Links The Ask Andrew Podcast Click Here [...]

Something I never thought would happen just did

Andrew la Fleur is constantly tracking the condo market, looking for trends and spotting opportunities in the data to help condo investors make strategic investments. Recently he has spotted something he says he never thought would happen. Find out what it is and why it represents a huge BUY signal for downtown condo investors. EPISODE [...]

4 situations where you should not sell your condo by assignment

This is part 3 of a 3-part series on condo assignments. In this episode, Toronto Realtor Andrew la Fleur shares the 4 most common situations he encounters with condo investors where he does not recommend selling by assignment. Make sure you are not in one of these categories if you are thinking of selling! EPISODE [...]

4 situations where it makes sense to sell your condo by assignment

In part 2 of this 3-part series on condo assignments, you will discover the 4 situations where it does make sense for you to sell your condo by assignment. If you are in one of these categories then you should probably assign your condo. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS 1:42 If you can’t close the property, selling your [...]

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