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Selling Your Home To Downsize? Not So Fast–Read This First Insights

Selling your home to downsize? Not so fast–read this first

To downsize or not to downsize? That’s the question many baby boomers are asking themselves these days as they approach retirement age. Their motivations vary but often come from the same place: specifically, a single-family home in the suburbs. The boomer generation, comprised of those born just after World War II up until the mid-’60s, […]

Should Your Parents Sell Their House and Buy a Condo?

Are your parents at retirement age and wondering if now is the time to sell their home and buy a condo? You’re not alone - this is a very common question. In this episode, Andrew la Fleur looks at the many potential reasons why people think it’s a good idea to sell their home and [...]

Should You Invest in a REIT or Buy a Condo?

Are you better off investing in a REIT (real estate investment trust) in the stock market, or buying a condo and renting it out? In this episode we tackle this popular question for investors by comparing what you could get if you invested the same amount of money in a REIT versus a condo using [...]