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Something I never thought would happen just did

Andrew la Fleur is constantly tracking the condo market, looking for trends and spotting opportunities in the data to help condo investors make strategic investments. Recently he has spotted something he says he never thought would happen. Find out what it is and why it represents a huge BUY signal for downtown condo investors. EPISODE [...]

How to get 100% occupancy in your condo on Airbnb

In this episode Andrew la Fleur discusses renting out your condo on Airbnb with a condo investor and Realtor Lillian Hanna. Lillian has first hand experience as an Airbnb landlord in her downtown condo. What are the potential risks and rewards of using Airbnb? What are the important things to know for condo investors and [...]

EXCLUSIVE: Core Condos Video on Best Floor Plans

In this exclusive Core Condos video… Andrew la Fleur from True Condos goes over the pros and cons of each floor plan of Core Condos located in the heart of downtown Toronto at Church and Shuter Street.   More information on Core Condos available here!   For the note-takers out there, here’s the Core Condos […]