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Selling Your Home To Downsize? Not So Fast–Read This First Insights

Selling your home to downsize? Not so fast–read this first

To downsize or not to downsize? That’s the question many baby boomers are asking themselves these days as they approach retirement age. Their motivations vary but often come from the same place: specifically, a single-family home in the suburbs. The boomer generation, comprised of those born just after World War II up until the mid-’60s, […]

How should I use the equity in my home to invest in a pre-construction condo?

Andrew talk to Paul about investing in a pre-construction using a home equity line of credit (HELOC). What’s the strategy involved? How should he do this? Ask a Question TRANSCRIPT  Andrew la Fleur: Welcome to the Ask Andrew podcast. Real questions from real condo investors. You ask, I answer. Hi and welcome back to the show. Thanks for listening [...]

Should I Use the Equity In My Home to Invest In a Condo?

Is using the equity in your home through a HELOC (home equity line of credit) a wise way to invest in pre-construction condos? What are some strategies that can be used? What are the risks? Is it better to pay for investment condos with cash? Andrew la Fleur discusses all these issues and more on [...]