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Could Condo Prices Rise 30% in the Next 3 Years?

Recently a prominent Toronto condo developer publicly went on record saying that he believes condo prices will rise 30% in the next 3 years. Was he right? Was he crazy? In this episode, Andrew la Fleur shares his thoughts on this controversial opinion and where he believes the market is heading in the next 3 [...]

Are Rents in Canada 36% Undervalued?

The OECD recently said that Canadian real estate prices are overvalued by 33% based on price:income ratio. Will Dunning is an economist who noted that when you use the same premise, you come to the conclusion that rents are undervalued in Canada by 36%. Could this be true? We take a closer look in this [...]

Will I be Able to Rent Out My Condo?

One of the most common questions that I get asked from first time condo investors is will I be able to rent out my condo once it is complete? In this episode I look at the latest numbers from Urbanation on the Toronto Condo rental market from Q2-2015. The bottom line is that the condo [...]

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