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What Happens If My Condo Is Delayed? – with Mark Purdy

Construction delays are to be expected and are in fact quite common when buying into a high rise condominium, however, did you know that you may be entitled to compensation if your condo was delayed? Find out how and why you might be eligible and how much you can claim by listening to this interview [...]

Understanding Insurance for Condo Investors and Landlords with Daniel Mirkovic of

As a condo investor and landlord, do you need to have your own insurance? Find out the answer to this critical question and learn more about insurance and condo investing as Andrew la Fleur interviews the President and Founder of - Daniel Mirkovic. (function() { var baseUrl = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : [...]

Should Your Parents Sell Their House and Buy a Condo?

Are your parents at retirement age and wondering if now is the time to sell their home and buy a condo? You’re not alone - this is a very common question. In this episode, Andrew la Fleur looks at the many potential reasons why people think it’s a good idea to sell their home and [...]

What Happens When Your Condo Developer Goes Bankrupt?

Toronto developer Urbancorp looks to come out of their bankruptcy proceedings with $31m in their pocket, yet none of their purchasers will be getting their homes. What happened here and more importantly what can we learn from this saga as real estate investors? Listen to the True Condos Podcast on your iPhone or Android device! [...]

3 Scary Statistics That Show Just How Hot The Downtown Condo Market Is Right Now

The downtown condo market is so hot right now it’s scary! The numbers reached historical levels earlier in 2016 and the market is still accelerating. In this episode, Andrew la Fleur shares 3 statistics about the downtown condo market that will shock and surprise you. If you’re in the condo market already it’s great news, [...]

Why Would Someone Pay $3000/month in Rent Instead of Buying?

Andrew la Fleur has been advising clients this year to start adding 2 bedroom condos (especially over 800 sq ft) to their portfolio. For the first time ever, larger units are the hottest segment of the condo market. But one investor asked Andrew a great question: why would someone rent one of these units for [...]

Why Toronto is a Superstar City and What it Means for Condo Investors

Richard Florida, noted urbanist and author, says that Toronto is in a class of “superstar cities”. Find out what this means and why it’s great news for condo investors as Andrew la Fleur analyzes a recent article in the Globe and Mail that talks about home ownership rates in Canada and the effect of rising [...]

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