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Co-living True Condos Podcast

Why Co-living is About to Explode in Toronto

Sociable Living founder Roman Bodnarchuk is back on the show to give us an update on co-living. This is a massive new opportunity in the market that all real estate investors need to understand. Find out from a guy who is actually on the ground doing it! Subscribe and listen to the True Condos Podcast [...]

How HST is handled when buying with a partner

Andrew speaks with Mehrdad about finding a great investment in downtown Toronto for under $450K and why starting prices aren't always what has been advertised for certain projects. [popup_trigger id="36861" tag="button"]Ask a Question[/popup_trigger] TRANSCRIPT  Andrew: Welcome to the Ask Andrew podcast, real questions from real condo investors. You ask, I answer. Hi, and welcome back to the [...]