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Why Bidding Wars Are Still Common on Downtown Toronto Condos – with Mark Savel

In today’s episode we hear from Mark Savel - top agent with Sage Real Estate and real estate investor who shares his insights and experiences in the downtown Toronto condo market. Mark was recently involved in 2 bidding wars in the last week for downtown condos and the results may surprise you. Find out what [...]

How to Get a Bidding War on Your Rental Condo – With Sara Kelcey of True Condos

In this special episode of the podcast Andrew la Fleur interviews True Condos team member and veteran Realtor Sara Kelcey. Sara talks about her experience helping our clients in the resale and rental markets in 2015 including an incredible story of receiving 4 offers on a rental listing in the middle of December! Related Links [...]

2 Reasons Why The Condo Market Is About To Heat Up

It’s no secret that the condo market is relatively slow right now. Sales are down, prices are more or less flat from a year ago, and inventory is at or near all time highs. Many people have been saying for quite some time that a crash in the condo market is imminent. The housing market […]

5 Reasons Why There Are Still Bidding Wars in the Toronto Condo Market

We are definitely in a buyer’s market. The overall sales:listing ratio for December was only 19% for downtown. Well below the 25% threshold to call it a buyer’s market. For at least the last 6 months, the media has been full of reports of the imminent collapse of the condo market with predictions ranging from […]

How to Sell Your Condo and Buy a House: BIDDING WARS

  You may or may not have experienced a bidding war when you bought your condo, however, when you are shopping for a house in Toronto, bidding wars are a reality that just about everyone has to deal with. First of all, bidding wars are extremely common in Toronto’s best neighbourhoods. Even though people like […]

Buying an Older Condo In Toronto: Is it a Good Investment?

Harbour Square. built around 1980. Photo courtesy I just got an email from a National Post writer who is writing a story about older condos and especially the trend of buying and older condo and renovating it to today’s standards. Below is an email that I sent to the writer. I have no idea […]

Temperature Check: Bathurst and Lake Shore Edition

This is the second installment in this new series whereby I am attempting to give my readers a street-level, in the trenches sort of perspective of what the condo market is actually like. “Temperature Check” will help show what it’s like to be a seller in the current market and what you can expect if […]

One Came by Fax

The spring market doesn’t officially start until, well, spring. But anyone who is shopping for a condo (or a house) in Toronto knows that the market is H-O-T right now, and multiple offers are not the exception, but the norm. Over the years of working with buyers and sellers in multiple offer situations, you learn […]

Now That’s What I Call A Happy Client

Recently I listed for sale a house on Crawford Street, near Trinity Bellwoods park. The property was previously listed for sale with another Realtor for a number of months and had no offers. I took over the listing and after devising a marketing plan for the property, the property sold in a week with multiple […]

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