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Student Rental Condos are Booming

I’m getting more and more requests these days from my clients for student-oriented investment opportunities. The fact is that student rental condos are very hot right now. Projects like University Suites in Kingston and The Academy Condos in Scarborough were among the best selling condos in the country in 2014, and many of my clients […]

4 Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About the Toronto Condo Rental Market

The numbers are in. Urbanation just released their UrbanRental Report for Q4-2014. Unfortunately you can’t read the report unless you are a paying subscriber like me, but nonetheless I wanted to share with you some thoughts I had on the findings. Most of the headlines in the mainstream media are essentially saying the same thing […]

Should I Invest In A New Condo This Year?

So you have some money saved up and it’s not doing anything in the bank. You don’t want to get into RRSPs and the stock market is not even on your radar. Investing in a condo has always been something you’ve thought about, and now you are finally ready to take action. Good! Now the question […]

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