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4 Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About the Toronto Condo Rental Market

The numbers are in. Urbanation just released their UrbanRental Report for Q4-2014. Unfortunately you can’t read the report unless you are a paying subscriber like me, but nonetheless I wanted to share with you some thoughts I had on the findings. Most of the headlines in the mainstream media are essentially saying the same thing […]

What’s the Best Condo Size to Buy for Investment?

One question that I get asked a lot from condo investors is what is the best condo size to buy for investment?   If you talk to 5 different people you will get 5 different answers.   Is it best to go with the ever-popular 1 bedroom plus a den? This is the most commonly […]

Condo Investment: Is it Better To Buy On A Higher Floor or Lower Floor?

When investing in a pre-construction condo, a question that always comes up is: “Is it better to buy on a lower floor, and pay a lower price, or to buy on a higher floor but pay a higher price?” So let’s try to answer that classic, shall we? Background When selling a building in the […]

Why The Mortgage Rate Wars Are Great For Condo Investors

Recently we’ve seen the return of the 2.99% 5-year fixed rate mortgages and a huge surprise was when one lender announced an incredible 1.99% 3-year variable rate mortgage. Wow! So what do the mortgage rate wars mean to condo investors? It’s all good news, that’s for sure. 1. Low interest rates are great for your bottom […]

Should I Invest In A New Condo This Year?

So you have some money saved up and it’s not doing anything in the bank. You don’t want to get into RRSPs and the stock market is not even on your radar. Investing in a condo has always been something you’ve thought about, and now you are finally ready to take action. Good! Now the question […]

Why I Stopped Investing In RRSPs and Started Buying Condos

  It’s RRSP season in Canada. [If you are not from Canada or if you are not familiar with what an RRSP is, read this] You see the ads everywhere telling you it’s time to buy that RRSP and save yourself some taxes. You’d be a fool not to, right? Well, for many years I […]

Why Would A Toronto Condo Developer Sell Below Current Market Value?

I had a great question from a new client over this past weekend. I was explaining how YC Condos is priced below current available resale condos (see more by watching this video) and my client asked me: Why would a Toronto condo developer sell a pre-construction condo for less than current market (resale) values? I’m […]

Why 2014 Will Be The Best Year Since 2009 To Buy A Condo In Toronto

In my last article there was that I wrote that seems to have made an impression because a couple people have mentioned it to me. The line was, “you can buy a condo today in 2014 at 2011 pricing that will not be completed until 2018/2019.” In other words, buyers who are smart will recognize […]

The One Thing That All The Top Selling Toronto Condo Projects Have in Common

There has been a lot of talk in the mainstream media about the fact that new condo sales are down significantly in the past year. This is a fact that I don’t dispute. In 2013, sales of new condos were around 14,000 (official numbers not out yet). One of the lowest numbers on record from […]

Why I Use RBC For My Toronto Condo Investment Mortgages

2 things are becoming more of a reality this year: 1) the number of people who own multiple condos as investments is dramatically increasing, and 2) the number of banks who will lend freely and openly to condo investors has shrunk. The Problem With Getting A Toronto Condo Investment Mortgage The problem is some banks […]

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