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Who do you trust for financial advice?

Who do you trust for financial advice? Recently some real estate bears (those who think the market is going to crash) have been getting very excited about the stats from the Toronto real estate board in the last few months. They see that sales are down and listings are up, but there are many things [...]

Lessons for Toronto from the Vancouver Real Estate Market

What a difference 5 months can make in a real estate market. In this episode we sit down and chat with Adam and Matt from the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast after first talking to them in February 2017. Hear about the rapid and dramatic transformation in that market that has happened over the last few [...]

Is the Toronto Real Estate Market Cooling and Should Investors be Worried?

The stats are in for May 2017 and the market is showing signs of cooling off after a record breaking run of several months. Should investors be worried? Andrew la Fleur takes a step back to look at the market as a whole to analyze what’s really going on, what has changed in the market [...]

Why prices will continue to keep rising

Experts worry about condo supply shortage The dearth of low-rise housing inventory throughout the GTA is no secret, but a sudden decline in high-rise units has now rendered that market segment lacking as well. I want to read the full article. Canadian universities see surge of international students Canadian universities will welcome unprecedented numbers of [...]

Is $750M Coming into Toronto Real Estate From China Every Month?

Some economists estimated recently that $9B came into Toronto Real Estate from China in the last year. That works out to $750M/month or $25M/day. How accurate are these numbers? What does this mean for local condo investors and the market? Should we be worried? Related Links Study Likely to Fuel Debate on Foreign Investment in [...]

Observations from Paris

I just got back from a couple weeks in Europe and got to spend some time in one of my favourite cities: Paris. When travelling I always like to try to learn something of the state of the local real estate market. As you can imagine, Paris is a very expensive city, and has ‘world-class’ […]

Lessons From Australia

In case you haven’t heard, the hottest real estate market in the world right now is in Australia. It’s like Calgary in 2006 down there! This recent Globe and Mail article outlines the situation with our Commonwealth cousins down under and is worth a read. Some interesting tidbits from the article if you don’t have […]

Toronto Resale Market Slows; New Developments to Follow?

Interesting article in today’s Globe and Mail about more anecdotal and factual evidence that the Toronto resale market is slowing down. Agents are starting to see conditional offers more and more, negotiations are actually taking place, and sellers who price their property too high are getting a rude wake-up call to the new realities of […]

International Investors & Developers Have their Eyes on Canada

I came across an interesting post over at New Condos Online about how American developers should start aggressively pursuing Canadian buyers for their product due to the relatively strong Canadian economy and the (until very recently) high Canadian dollar. This is very timely advice for American developers to consider. Most US Real Estate Markets are […]

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