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Protect Yourself: Never ‘Register’ With a Developer

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When you enter into a new condo sales office, the first thing the pretty girl behind the desk will say to you is “Have you been here before? / Can I get you to sign in? / Have you registered with us yet?”.  Hmmm…you’ve got to ask yourself why they are so quick and in-your-face to get your personal information when you’ve only just walked through the doors. The reason is simple but most people are shocked to hear it.

When you sign-in/register with a developer, you are giving up your right to be independently represented on any future purchase at that condo development. You are effectively saying, I am not working with an Agent, and I give up my right to have an agent represent me in the future.


Even if you have absolutely no intention of working with a Realtor, or if you think you have absolutely no intention of actually purchasing a suite at the development whose sales office you are entering, don’t give up your right to be represented! Remember that the sales people in the sales offices are working exclusively for the developer – they have ZERO obligation to you and your interests.

Remember, it costs you nothing to be represented by an exclusive buyer’s agent. The developer pays the fee on your behalf! Be smart, protect yourself and always leave yourself the option to be represented.

So what should you do?

  1. Never give up your personal information on a sign-in or ‘registration’ forms. Tell them you are working with a Realtor/you have an agent.
  2. If they press you to fill out the form anyway, put down your agent’s name and contact info. Better yet, give them your agent’s business card with your name on the back of it. (If you don’t have an agent, feel free to use my name and contact info.)
  3. If they give you a hard time, or refuse your agent’s name as registration, you’ve got to ask yourself if this is a developer you want to buy from.

If you are thinking about buying a new condo, click here to hire me as your exclusive buyer’s agent.