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4 areas in the GTA that are ready for massive growth

This next article is from Buzz Buzz Home, our friends at Buzz Buzz Home, and the headline is, “These 4 GTA areas are posted for huge commercial and residential growth,” so the article is talking about different … 4 different areas in the GTA that are ready to grow commercially and residentially according to a report from Avis and Young. So, the 4 areas they’re talking about: East Harbor, The Vaughan Metropolitan Center, The Pearson Transit Center, and The Hurontario LRT line.

So, as real estate investors, you always wanna keep on top of reports like this, understand where the future growth is coming. Future growth is often tied to transit. And one of the areas that I wanna just highlight to you now is again this Hurontario LRT, going from Brampton all the way down to Port Credit GO Station in South Mississauga. This is going to the article I was talking about. There hasn’t been much commercial development. There’s been lots of residential, but not much commercial development in the [PO 00:01:03] Region in recent years, so they’re speculating that this will probably be a stimulus to more commercial development actually happening, as well as residential development.

So PO region and the Hurontario Downtown Mississauga corridor, in particular, has not been an area that I’ve been recommending to my investors to invest in over the 10 plus years that I’ve been working with condo investors in the GTA. But that is starting to change now. And I’ve mentioned this before in the podcast over the past year … is you do wanna start taking a look at the LRT corridors, particularly the Downtown Mississauga piece, which is really going to see I believe a boom over the coming years in pricing. And if we have that missing piece especially, as this article’s mentioning, of more commercial development, more jobs coming into the area … you’re gonna see more people, millennials, who maybe can’t afford to live and work Downtown Toronto, as the article mentions, who actually live and work in Downtown Mississauga.

Obviously, people are already doing that, but this will spur even further development. So that’s something to keep our eyes on. East Harbor, of course, is a major major piece there in the just outside of the eastern downtown core on the other side of the Dunn Valley. And that is something we’re definitely keeping our eyes on. That could be a massive massive area for investment in the years ahead. Okay, there you have it.

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