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collecdev developer logo true condosAbout Collecdev

Collecdev is a development company dedicated to building better communities. We champion an integrated approach, based on our pillars of good development and design.

Building communities that anticipate the future while balancing today’s needs is the cornerstone of Social Sustainability. This results in a constantly evolving outlook, and our continued refinement of these philosophies requires our spaces to integrate a diverse cross-section of programmatic elements that will stimulate conversation and provoke new ideas towards balanced and healthy environments. Beyond the private dwelling units and their associated private amenities, we are tasked with ensuring that we integrate improvements to infrastructure, as well as integrating community services and facilities that will create thriving communities. We believe in the democratization of housing, and that their corresponding private and public spaces must be conceived towards enriching society as a whole.

We believe there needs to be a fundamental understanding of both the needs and desires of the inhabitants of our buildings. As such, we apply a diligent and careful approach to the macro to micro elements of design through an iterative process where the small details inform the big moves, and vice-versa. Striking a balance between form and function is our ultimate goal. We ensure that a considered enhancement of the existing context in which we build is coupled with a detailed and refined style towards the intimate living spaces within our communities. Within the milieu in which we operate, we heighten the experience by incorporating the latest technology. We take every precaution to ensure that our projects are future proofed. The result is a human-centred, multi-layered community building approach in which we make you feel at home.

Collecdev acknowledges an inherent responsibility over the impact of our communities on the natural environment. The global unprecedented pace of urbanization demands a forward-thinking approach to design, land use planning, building technologies and alternative energy sources in order to minimize any adverse impact on the natural environment when building long lasting, healthy urban landscapes. Our initiative in reducing the carbon footprint of our communities is among several established practices in pursuing high quality buildings while mitigating the environmental impacts over the span of their useful life. Innovative thinking goes hand in hand with developing communities that will promote a better tomorrow.

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