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The Toronto Condo Market This Week (March 25, 2016)

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toronto condo market news piece march 25

This one graph explains Toronto real estate bidding wars in 2016

The metro Toronto area is a very different place from what it was back in 1979 — unless you’re looking at the number of single-detached homes completed by builders.

Condo developers boost ‘sharing’ features to draw young buyers

The changing values and spending habits of millennials have been driving the emergence of a collaborative or sharing economy for years. Accommodation, rides, cars, work space, products and services are all being consumed on an “access-not-ownership” basis.

Provincial Housing Strategy an Unusual Show of Responsibility

Provincial and federal governments have neglected affordable housing responsibilities for decades, but that could be changing.

6 Canadian housing market forecasts that were dead wrong

Canada’s housing market is on a blazing trail — albeit propped up lately by sales in the Greater Toronto Area and Lower Mainland Vancouver — as its performance continues to fly in the face of dire predictions from grizzly observers.