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2 Bedroom Condo Rentals Increased by How Much??

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Speaker 1: This article is from blogTO, and the headline is, “Cost of two bedroom rentals continues to soar in Toronto,” so we talk a lot about the value today of getting a two bedroom or three bedroom unit for investment and the massive shortage that there is of those types of properties in the market, and this article continues along that theme.

The cost of renting a two bedroom apartment in Toronto is still astronomically high according to new data from Pad Mapper, so Pad Mapper is a website that … for rental listings, so I don’t know exactly how solid this data is. I don’t know how they’re calculating these numbers exactly and what access to what listings that Pad Mapper has, but according to Pad Mapper stats, the price of a two bedroom apartment is up almost 15% year over year. 15% to $2,440 per month, which is up from $1,760 it says from this time last year.

One bedrooms, they’re saying are averaging over $2,000 a month, so again an interesting article to look at and another reason to invest in two bedroom condos.