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It’s Christmas Time For Resale Buyers

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Resale buyers, now is the time to get out there and shop for bargains. Historically, there is no better time to be a buyer than in December (and January to a lesser extent). This is when the market activity is usually at its lowest point of the year, and for sellers who missed out on the busy fall market, the clock continues to tick.

Many of the properties that are on the market in December were listed back in the height of the fall market – October, and some go back to September. These sellers are often just waiting for an offer, any offer, and often properties sell for much less in December than they would have in October, or than they will in February.

Every year I preach this message to all my resale buyers, however, most buyers are just too busy this month to think about real estate. December is a month full of Holiday/Christmas parties and social gatherings, and most people just go into ‘survival’ mode, waiting for the month to be over so they can return to regular life. But for those who do understand the opportunity, and are ready to ‘hit the streets’ and scour the MLS for properties, they can save thousands.

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