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Sometimes The Best Deals are NOT Advertised

New condos are launching at a rate of about one per week right now in the downtown core. However, don’t be mistaken in thinking this means solid investment opportunities are coming at a rate of one per week! In fact, there is usually a negative correlation between the number of new condo launches and the number of quality investment opportunities available. The opportunities are actually quite rare right now in my opinion. There are only a handful of projects that I am comfortable in recommending to my buyers and investors.

As with any other product or service, the best deals in real estate are often unadvertised. If you see a billboard or glossy ad in a magazine proclaiming the “suite of the month” or “special offers on now”, chances are there is no deal to be had here. You won’t find the best deals on a billboard or in a glossy magazine or taking up a page in the Globe and Mail. As with any other product or service of any value, the best deals in real estate are often the unadvertised ones.

This past weekend, some of my investor clients were able to take advantage of such an opportunity at a A1 condo project downtown. I received nothing more than a good old fashioned phone call from one of the developer’s sales reps informing me that if the developer sold a certain number of units in a certain period of time they would get a better rate on their construction loan. The developer was motivated and thus, offered significant CASH discounts off the list prices of their remaining inventory. Not a dime was spent on marketing or advertising this deal. The only people who heard about it were a handful of Realtors like myself who were called directly. My clients are very happy and the deal is now done. Prices are back up to the list prices.

My reputation and track record as one of the top Realtors downtown for pre-construction means my clients get access to these exclusive, unadvertised deals from time to time. To get on my list for these types of deals in the future, simply contact me and I will be happy to include you on future opportunities.

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