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The Market Has Peaked, So Now What?

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So the market has peaked (probably). Now what do you do? Well, first thing to remember is that most people won’t realize the market has peaked for about 3 months so if you are reading this you are way ahead of the curve. Secondly we are not talking about a market crash, and quite possibly we may not even see prices start to fall till Q3 or Q4 of this year. Making predictions on exactly how much prices will rise or fall is fool’s game, so I won’t go there, but I could forsee a scenario with flat or slightly falling prices by the end of 2010. Depending on what your situation is, here are some quick thoughts moving forward:

For Buyers:

It’s already much better now than it was just 2 months ago. Inventory is up, some sellers are starting to get a grip on reality, and you actually have multiple properties to choose from. Things will continue to get better as inventory continues to rise along with interest rates which will increase supply and decrease demand at the same time. Don’t rush into anything. Now is not the time to pay higher for a property than the last guy did. Buy smart, buy for the long term.

For Sellers:

Understand that the market has changed. Price your property for what it is worth and don’t follow the “price it low for multiple offers” strategy. Remember that if you want to command top dollar in terms of selling price, your property must show better than all the other properties on the market – proper staging and marketing is vital. Better to list now than wait till Summer. There is still time to close before the HST kicks in July 1st. Want to talk about selling your condo? Contact me.


Keep buying if the property makes sense and the neighbourhood has good long-term upside potential. Stop buying if you are hoping to flip for a quick profit or if you are over extended.

Questions or comments? Thinking about buying, selling, or investing and want the advice of a professional who understands the market? Contact me