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Why do condo rents keep rising?

Toronto condo rental market soars on heels of new measures

As the housing market in Toronto cools, the rental market is especially hot following the announcement of new provincial housing measures, according to a report from Urbanation Inc.

Mayor John Tory says $4.8B of federal transit funding is on the way

TTC Chair says announcement comes with demand for province to share costs

Canada’s Ruthlessly Smart Immigration Policy

During a speech in Iowa last week, in the middle of his red-meat calls for a border wall and tougher immigration enforcement, President Trump called for something decidedly less sanguinary: “a total rewrite of our immigration system into a merit-based system.”


Untangling the role of foreign investment in the Vancouver and Seattle housing markets.

The lessons from Canada’s attempts to curb its house-price boom

Demand for safe assets from emerging markets creates a headache for policymakers

2.8% of Metro Homes Bought by Foreign Buyers since Tax Launch

New data revealed by finance minister says $102 million has been raised in revenues from 1,375 sales

Foreign buyers make up 4.7% of home sales in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe area

Nearly 5 per cent of homes sold in the Golden Horseshoe region were purchased by foreign buyers, according to a month’s worth of new data from the Ontario government that reveals the role international investors have played in the area’s overheated real estate market.

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